Multi-Wave Laser Systems

Laser for Treating Medical Conditions

Multi-wave laser systems have become the mainstay treatment in medicine for the treatment of various medical conditions.

At Physicians Creek Medical Center, the laser photon duality is used for patients in different categories of conditions.

Low-intensity lasers have become a homestay treatment modality approved by the FDA for biomodulation and tissue healing.

laser treatments for the body
laser treatment for knee pain

Under The Supervision
of Dr. Adam Au

Only the best doctors at the forefront of medical technologies appreciate the changes that medical lasers can make. Our multi-wave system laser goes up to 30W of power.

The changes can be targeted anywhere from the surface skin epidermis to as far as causing organ and organelles functional changes.

The tech is crip and applicable to body and sculpting contraction, joint pain healing, neuropathic pain, etc improvements.

The protocol is well-guided under the supervision of Dr. Adam Au.

Unlike other modalities of treatment, you’re served what you have always envisioned in sci-fi movies – no sharps! Just invisible photon energy… Viola!

Uses Of Medical Laser Treatments

Aesthetic Medicine

Pain Medicine

Physical Therapy & Physiotherapy

Prolonged covid symptoms

medical laser treatment for aesthetics

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