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Compassionate Patient Care

Physicians Creek Inc. (PCI) has been providing comprehensive patient care since 2013 in various settings such as outpatient centers, community hospitals and top-tier teaching hospitals. By doing this we have acquired a fine dexterity of medical proficiency in our current role as Primary Care Providers or General Practitioners that are well-equipped to follow up on hospital discharges etc.

PCI is also conscientious of poor utilization of healthcare by marginalized and poor populations; the care we give you is our focus and we help this section of the population navigate the current insurance market to see what they qualify for and how we can help.

Further, besides providing Primary Care we envision a better future of the big picture – Healthcare; hence we indulge in research and innovation and while we do this within the parameters of patient protected privacy, we are eternally grateful to our patients who enroll in our studies.

Compassionate Patient Care

Dr. Adam Au

About Dr. Au


Physicians Creek Medical Center provides 21st Century cutting - edge entry into the care of your health. Dr. Adam Au collaborates with renowned specialist and facilities in the Miami metropolis.

Dr. Au has published a book that offers essential information on reproductive health and contraceptive methods.

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