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Body Contouring North Miami Beach FL

Body Contouring Near North Miami Beach, FL

Body Contouring is a cutting-edge body-contouring process that uses intense muscular contractions to sculpt, tone, and strengthen the body. Body Contouring is the first of its type to be FDA approved for abdominal muscle shaping. It can tone and elevate the buttocks, making it a non-surgical buttock lift alternative. The upper leg muscles can be addressed to achieve slender, contoured thighs. Contact us today to learn more about Body Contouring near North Miami Beach, Florida.

Body Contouring is changing the face of body sculpting. Body-shaping operations before FDA approval were primarily aimed at lowering fat. While sculpting a confident physique requires minimizing persistent bulges, it ignores a crucial component of body mass, muscle. It’s no surprise that patients and doctors alike are hailing Body Contouring as a game-changer, given how important muscle tone is to total body shape and physical appearance.

Body Contouring near North Miami Beach, FL has also been clinically shown to help people lose weight. The body uses neighboring fat cells as fuel to power this strong muscle-building activity. This fat-burning and muscle-building combination provides a powerful one-two punch against problem regions including belly fat and thigh fat. When you contact our specialists at our clinic, they can explain Body Contouring to you in more detail.

The Body Contouring procedure is completely painless. During the treatment, the majority of patients report feeling muscle contractions. This experience can be regarded as strange, yet not unpleasant. Individual results will vary, as with any body contouring therapy. Contact us today to learn more about Body Contouring North Miami Beach, Florida.