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Molina Health Care Doctor and Care Plus Medicare Doctor near Sunny Isles, FL

Physicians Creek Inc. (PCI) has been providing comprehensive patient care since 2013 in various settings such as outpatient centers, community hospitals, and top-tier teaching hospitals. Our Care Plus Medicare doctor and Molina health care doctor are the best option for you near Sunny Isles, FL. Physicians Creek accepts multiple insurance plans listed below:

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicaid
  • HMO’s & PPO’s
  • Obamacare Plans (ACA)
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Self – Pay
  • Credit Cards
  • Molina

We are the best Care Plus Medicare doctor and Molina health care doctor near Miami Gardens, Florida. We are dedicated to providing the best primary care to help the world envision a better future of the big picture. Unlike any other Molina health care doctor or Care Plus Medicare doctor near Miami Gardens, FL, Physicians Creek takes a family-oriented approach to treating each individual and dedicating our practices to the healthcare of our people. Additionally, Physicians Creek strives to give each patient the compassionate care they deserve.

As your Care Plus Medicare doctor and Molina health care doctor, we provide free services such as free blood pressure checks, twenty percent off co-payments, exclusive drug discount cards, and more for patients in need. Undoubtedly, Physicians Creek is the preferred Care Plus Medicare doctor and Molina health care doctor for any patient near Miami Gardens, Florida. Please call us today with any questions or concerns and to request an appointment.At Physicians Creek near Sunny Isles, FL, our doctor and staff provide care for underserved patients. Our clinic offers free blood pressure checks, 20% off co-payments, enrollment in a free diabetic management class/education program, and more. We are the most trusted and preferred doctor for any patient in the Sunny Isles, FL area. Our doctor is determined to help patients to take care of their health through education, diagnosis, treatment, and self-care. Additionally, Physicians Creek is Sunny Isles’s leading COVID-19 testing center. Our doctor offers 24-hour PCR tests, antibody testing, and more. Call Physicians Creek, the top doctor near Sunny Isles, FL to schedule an appointment today!


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